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Photography is not just my job, my work, but my all consuming passion. Cheeseball as that sounds! Below you can learn more about a few of my personal passion projects.

Hit me up if you want to collab on anything awesome.

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Styled Shoots

Sometimes I get a bee in my bonnet about an idea I want to try for a session. Usually these are more stylized, maybe even themed. Sometimes they turn into a "Special Session" offering for clients at large. Sometimes it's just a fun art project. I am always on the lookout for people who want to be a part of these styled shoots. If that's something that interests you, shoot me an email and we'll talk.

Forgotten Archive

When the pandemic hit and quarantine was imposed, boudoir shoots came to a screeching halt for a time. To maintain my sanity, I grabbed my camera and headed out to photograph a subject that is all about social distancing. I started exploring the far corners of farm country and small towns, photographing abandoned houses and barns. It is my favorite adventure. It literally saved my brain during this crazy time. I post images on Instagram at _forgotten.archive_  and sell prints on Etsy. 

To further support this work- you can sponsor a road trip.

Sponsor a DAY TRIP: $100

Covers gas and meals.

You will receive a write up of the adventure

and an 8x10 of an image from the trip.

Sponsor a WEEKEND TRIP: $250

Covers gas, lodging and meals.

You will receive a write up of the adventure

and three 8x10's of images from the trip.

Email to sponsor a trip

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These images started as a fun project with my boys, dressed up in vintage style clothing, on the sidewalks of historic Summit Avenue. With cars out of frame, it's easy to look through the viewfinder and imagine one has actually traveled back in time. Friends started noticing these pictures pop up on my Facebook page occasionally and asked if I would offer this, if I could do a shoot like this for their kiddos. And so, it is a thing now. On occasion. Again, sometimes I get a bee in my bonnet and just decide to offer these in a day of mini-sessions. Or, if it's something you're specifically interested in, feel free to shoot me a note and we can set up a specific date for your crew to do a little time traveling.

Time Travelers

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