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You are juggling a lot these days. Work life. Home life. Relationships. Maybe kiddos. You want a moment to take a breath. You want a reminder of who *you* are. Right now. You want to feel strong, confident, & gorgeous.

Maybe you're hesitant, thinking you're not photogenic or you need to "get in shape" first or some nonsense.  Let me tell, you- YOU? Right now? Are beautiful. Don't ever forget it. And if you feel any nagging voice in your head saying otherwise- then you need this all the more. Cuz let me tell you, all the people you see on this site? They too came in nervous. Rolled up in comfy pants and mussy hair. Maybe baby spit or coffee spilled on their shirt somewhere and doubt in their hearts. And after? They left with giant smiles and hugs and high-fives and so much confidence. That is life changing stuff right there.


On the day of your shoot, you can settle into the experience as a time to care for and focus on yourself. All Done Up sessions include professional makeup artistry so you can look and feel your best for your photos, with a makeup artist that takes care and attention to listen to what makes you feel amazing (this could be simple grooming, or an adventurous look you have never tried before).

Underwear on Bed

You bring clothing for your session – which can be lingerie,  a tank top and a pair of designer boxer briefs, your partner’s favorite t-shirt, an oversized sweater and knee high socks- legit whatever feels sexy to you. You can lay it all out and we will plan the sessions outfits together. Oh, you are going to slay this.


You may feel nervous in the beginning, but love, almost everyone does. The space is safe, supportive & encouraging. We walk through the experience together, and you feel any butterflies subside as you embrace being present in the moment. Being present in your body. We talk and we laugh. And we create seriously amazing images of you.


Let me show you how stinkin' gorgeous you are. Let me help you remember who you are outside of what everyone else demands of you. Let's rediscover that fire you've got, burning inside. This can change your life if you let it. Let's do this.

You know you want to.

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