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omg, first boudie shoot


I started out as a kids and family photographer when I was 18, and through that experience came to make friends with many of my clients. About six years ago, one (this lovely, pictured here!) asked me to take some sexy photos of her for her husband. She got a babysitter, we cleared the toys out of the play room, and I took photos of her in lingerie. It was fun, and freeing, and a little bit nerve-racking for both of us.


When I went home and looked at the photos, I saw that a few images into the session, something in her changed. She became relaxed and in-tune with herself and her body. I had never seen anything quite like it before.


What I didn't know at the time was how life changing this shoot would be for both of us.

For her, what had started as a gift for her husband turned out to be a gift for herself. She looked at those images we created in shock . She cried. She remembered. who she was outside of wife and working mom of two, lost in the shuffle of life. She remembered she was beautiful. And strong and sexy confident.

For me, it felt like I had discovered a superpower. Able to show women their true beautiful selves! Able to help them rediscover confidence and legit change their view of themselves. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! (Ok, that's an exaggeration, but I swear, it felt like it.) I love this work SO HARD! You deserve to see yourself like this. Let me show you.


As time has gone on, I've had more and more men approach me, shyly confessing that they wish they could do something like boudoir, but that they felt it “wasn’t for them.” So, I started doing shoots with men Because YES, it IS for men… it is for everyone. Everyone deserves to see themselves as strong, amazing and fiercely attractive people.


Then, as boudoir photography became popularized, controversy arose in circles that claimed to care about “female empowerment” when some studios refused to do boudoir sessions with transgender women or folks with non-binary gender identities. It became important to me to take a stand as a welcoming and safe provider of the boudoir experience for everyone regardless of gender.


So… what exactly IS boudoir photography?

The word “boudoir” is derived from French, and describes a small, private room. The original intent of boudoir photography was to capture who the subject was when they were spending time in solitude. I think the beauty of this idea is getting to the core of who someone truly is. No performing for others or being who others want them to be.

In boudoir photography we create a sacred place to connect with our hearts and bodies in a loving way. We discover our authentic selves. We learn things about who we are that we might not be able to otherwise.


Boudoir photography is all about you. It is a time to focus on JUST YOU. How do you want to feel? How do you want to look? What do you want to get from this experience? What makes you feel beautiful? What makes you feel powerful? What makes you feel sexy?

Gather your favorite outfits, gather your courage, your sass and your gorgeous self and let's do this. It will blow your mind and change your life. And I am so geeked to go on this ride with you!

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