Sessions come in two varieties-

All Done Up and Stripped Down.

All Done Up Sessions include hair and makeup by a professional stylist and are designed to give you that knock-their-socks-off look. They are offered at specific times throughout the year, and are announced on our VIP Facebook group and our exclusive mailing list first and next on our public Facebook page. Typically scheduled 6-9 times per year, these sessions have limited openings. We rent out a gorgeous residential location- selected specifically for it's light and design aesthetic- and take over the place... photographing in the bedrooms, the living room...maybe the kitchen, possibly up on the dining room table, in a tub full of bubbles. It's a blast. 

Stripped Down Sessions are when and where you want them. We will work together to find a date and time that works and a location that you can really rock for your photos. Maybe that's your own home. Maybe that's an amazing hotel suite you know of. Your cabin, a gorgeous Airbnb you spied one time... whatever it is, I would love to hear about it! If you've got nothing in mind, I do have an amazing studio we can use that always has light pouring in and lends itself to lots of different looks. 

To learn more about Sessions, how they go and start planning your own, download our Hello Gorgeous Welcome Guide and get on our exclusive mailing list.

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