Rave Reviews

I could not have enjoyed this experience more!! I got the package to do for my husband, but turns out I loved it even more for MYSELF. When I saw the images I was so excited and kept looking at them over and over! My husband even noticed my confidence- I was beaming! Nisa was SO AWESOME to work with and made me feel so comfortable…is it weird that I want to do it again? (And is it inappropriate to say, “she was so great I was walking around naked and jumping on the bed"…)   -J

I decided to do boudoir photos as a gift to my husband for Valentine's Day - interestingly enough, they ended up being more of a gift for ME.  The shoot was so fun - it was comfortable and easy, Nisa kept everything simple, listened to my ideas and was beyond professional.    Nisa sent me a few sneak peeks a few days later and I sat in complete shock, I cried (happy tears), because as a wife and working mom of two, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle of life, lost in my yoga pants and no make-up, or a 5 minute shower - but as I looked at photos, I felt beautiful, strong, sexy and confident.  Thank you, Nisa for this incredible experience and for reminding me that having confidence to step outside my comfort zone is sexy.  -N

There may come a time in a woman's life when she doesn't feel sexy. Maybe she lost the feeling, maybe she never found it to begin with. For me, it was when my daughter was about 2 and I was struggling with some health issues, as well as realizing I'm not as young as I used to be (but then who is?). When I heard about friends' experiences with Nisa's boudoir shots, I thought it might be the answer. The whole experience was fun and pampering and freeing. I got my makeup done, there were snacks and mimosas, and a pretty setting. Nisa made me feel comfortable but also playful and - yes- sexy! The pictures show it. I think beauty and sexiness have to come from the inside first, and Nisa really helped me bring mine out. I see it! I played it off as a gift to my husband (which he thoroughly enjoyed!) but it was really a gift to myself.  -A

I was so nervous, but really wanting to do something outside of my comfort zone that my husband would love for Valentine’s Day. It turned into so much more.  Nisa was wonderful.  Her kindness, warmth and professionalism made it easy for me move through the nervousness into the sexy. She accentuated the best parts of me and lovingly touched up the not so best parts of me. I really felt beautiful. The best part? My husband said I’m so glad you did that, not just for me, but for you! "Now you see you the way I see you." -C

I was hesitant to do a boudoir shoot, but am so glad I took the chance.  It was awkward at first because I have never done anything like this.  I am not a model. However, Nisa helped me feel so comfortable that I actually had fun.  When I got the photos back, I couldn't stop looking at them.  They were sexy but classy.  I will love looking back at them when I am older.  


(I would put my husband's reaction but he doesn't want me to...since it was an intimate gift.  it is safe to say that he really liked them).   -L


I don't think of myself as sexy. At all. Ever. So the idea of doing beaudoir photos for my partner really put me outside of my comfort zone, but I did it because I knew my partner would love it. What I didn't know was how much *I* was going to love them! I love my photos so much. I look beautiful and I don't care who sees them. Nisa was so great and professional and didn't make it at all weird for me to be in my underwear. As for my partner, well, he loved them too. In fact, he said that beaudoir photos are ALWAYS in the budget.   -C

Nisa is not only a talented professional, but she put me immediately at ease. I felt beautiful and safe. The shoot was actually fun! And the results were amazing. My 90 year old self is going to be so glad I took this leap. :)    -S

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