"I have a crazy question..."

Three years ago a friend asked what, at the time, felt like a crazy question... Would I take some photos of her in her undies for her hubs. Hot photos, like for Valentine’s Day. Now, I’d done family photos for her and her crew several times- but this would be new... Well, why not? I’m always game for a photo-adventure with a friend! We dragged a mattress to a sunny corner of the playroom in the basement and went to town. We played with poses and laughed lots and created some really awesome shots. It was a blast. I went home, edited the images and sent them her way a few days later.

What I didn’t know at the time was how life changing this shoot would be for both of us.

For her- what had started as a gift for her husband turned out to be a gift for herself. She looked at those images we’d created in shock. She cried. She remembered who she was outside of a wife and working mom of two, lost in the shuffle of life, lost in yoga pants and no make-up. She remembered she was beautiful. And strong, sexy and confident.

For me- I felt like I had discovered a superpower. Able to show women their true beautiful selves! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! (Ok- not quite there, yet...But it felt close!) I love this work SO HARD. You deserve to see yourself like this. Let me work my superpower on you.

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