Friday Feature: Kasey

So, recently I got to photograph a mermaid... NBD. ;)

Look at that hair!! SWOON.

This beauty spends most of her days taking amazing care of other people's animals and making them look FABULOUS! (At Dirty Dog Spa) She is a connoisseur of canine care and beauty...and like many of us, rocks comfy pants + hair up on the regular for herself. Work, family, life, etc. come first so often... It was really fun to help her slow down and take time for herself and see how gorgeous she really is.

What are your day-to-day roles? (mom, jobs, etc?)

I’m a wife, mother, and small business owner. I own an animal spa, it can be very messy so I’m never “done up.”

Why did you want to do a boudoir shoot?

I wanted to do this shoot to feel empowered in my skin and boost my self confidence.

How did you feel before your shoot?

I was pretty nervous going into it, but Nisa and Angela welcomed me with open arms!

How did you feel after?

On a scale of 1 to 10, I felt like an 11

Would you recommend this to other women/why?

I firmly believe this is something every woman should do at least once in their lives!

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